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if you dont like otters i dont like you

Can I have an otter?

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Leave her be! Princess or not, learning to fight is essential!

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Cat in the rain

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Cat in the rain
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in which the movie spiderman accurately represents comic book spiderman in sarcasm levels.

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Bon Jovi live in Nashville, TN on March 6, 2013 (Photo © David Bergman)

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This sums up my relationship with most people I know.

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"We May."

No but guys the things is that she’s waiting for him to come to her, and watches him as he comes to her. She helps him, by first kissing him on the cheek, but doesn’t jump right into it like she did with Hans. She slowly moves in.

She waits to see what he’s going to do, and even leans her head back when he’s about to kiss her. She doesn’t want to be tricked again. She doesn’t want to jump blindly into a relationship. 

But once he kisses her, all those worries go away. You see her absentmindedly put her hands un him, as if these were natural gestures. She presses herself against him, with a smile creeping up onto both of their faces as their kiss.

Because Kristoff is nothing like Hans. He’s different. And it’s a good different.

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